More Of The Same And, Yet, Somehow Different I Hope

Compliance Week 2008 Day 2  leads off in an hour with Harvey Pitt, the legend, the man.  He always gives a good speech and his topic, the global regulatory regime, is an ambitious one.  Better leave time to go to Starbucks and get a four-shot venti vanilla latte.  

Unfortunately, he couldn’t make the Approva-Paisley joint cocktail at Morton’s this year, but a good time was had by all anyway.  I finally got to meet Mike Evans of Approva in the flesh.  The Approva blog via Mike was one of my earliest supporters, and his wife Laura authors a kick-butt political blog that gave me my first 2000 hit day.  Approva, thanks for your hospitality.  
For next session I’ve chosen Tom Wardell of McKenna Long & Aldridge talking about bullet-proof compliance programs.  
Next up, KPMG’s John Farrell and ERM.  I had such good luck with the KPMG Emerging Markets Fraud guys yesterday , I thought I would go with the trend.
More updates via Twitter during the day.  Watch this site.

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