File This Under Dumb

KPMG (Singapore) is an equal opportunity employer. We offer our employees a stimulating working environment, and an attractive package of training and career opportunities.

I’ll say…

Three different Google Alerts pointing me to reports on the “off  peak party” held by KPMG Singapore for its auditors.

The first one, entitled, KPMG Mafia Night, had this excerpt and has photos.
Games like beer drinking, best dressed mafia and the ultimate lap dance done by the staffs in front of their boss were some of the highlights that sent the crowd wild. Definitely an eye opener for me because I’ve never attended a company function before…

The second one also has pictures and this excerpt:

…There was no more food left when we reached (abt 8+), thus we were all drinking on empty stomach….

Finally, this one has lots of other info about this auditor, including her disappointment at not being able to go to the US.

…it was also a shocking night, HAHA Jialing will know why! We just saw a lot of stuff that are super surprising, amusing and hilarious! The GAs went really crazy after getting high on drinks/shots & whoa, I am impressed by some of their dancing skills. Oh yes the GAs offered us shot but we didn’t dare to drink cos we didn’t wanna test our limits that night and get wasted away! & boy, the food that night was horrid, really not to my liking…