Friday Searches – Learning and Growing

I learn a lot from the Google searches that bring readers to my blog.

I learn what people are looking for.
I learn whether the right page is showing up on Google and why or why not based on keywords.
I learn how many different ways people search for the same information.
I learn about things people are monitoring for mention in the media that may not yet be generally known.
I see new visitors, like my IBM buddy, who while looking for one thing found me and all the rest and became a new supporter and, maybe, a mentor.

I also validate my belief that layoffs are on the mind and in the hearts of my readers and that they are going on in full force in at least three of the Big 4, based on the level of detail people are looking for. The only firm that doesn’t seem to be the subject of an “X firm layoffs” search is Ernst and Young. If that’s because they are taking advantage of the others’ misery to develop a robust crew and a competitive advantage like they did with their non-US restructuring, well then, Yea! for them.

And now, the searches that brought folks to re: The Auditors in the last 24 hours. 

The link is to the page they landed on.

admin salary big 4
aig layoffs
auditing standard 5
auditor blog
auditor blog layoff
average starting salary in big four in 2008
bdo big 4
bdo florida litigation
bearingpoint layoff
behavioral questions big 4
big 4 accounting firm rates
big 4 accounting salaries
big 4 layoff
big 4 partner salary
big 4 salary
big 4 tax partner average salary
billie williamson
can auditors audit a company whose family member own stock
change in aig auditors
compensation at pwc advisory
crazy eddie underbidding auditor
deb harrington and kansas
deloitte layoffs
deloitte layoffs new york 2007
excellence is not
francine mckenna
goldman sachs auditors
good pay at big 4?
headhunter chief auditor latin america
history of internal audit
it audit blog
kpmg layoff 2008
kpmg layoffs
kpmg overtime lawsuit
lausd sap
london fashion week pwc
manager salary at big 4
new century financial kpmg
problems at deloitte
professions with lowest layoff rates
profits per partner big 4 accounting firms
pwc layoff
pwc vietnam
retheauditors layoff
richard breeden
roy katzovicz
saratoga resident charged with stock manipulation
servile pwc
shinyung oh and wilson
siemens kpmg
standard severance package
starting salaries 2008
subprime auditor
walmart, independent accounting firm, audits, ernest and young
what do big 4 partners make

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