Deloitte – Good Corporate Citizen, Good Soldier

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All the firms spend a lot of time and money publicizing their good works.  Between time spent on volunteerism and donations by their offices and foundations and all the diversity crapola, it’s a bucketful of money they spend to erase the fact that they’re otherwise sucking money out of the economy for a dubious purpose.

For this Republican administration in Washington DC , Deloitte is by far the most obvious choice as “most favored”  firm.
All of the Big 4 firms do business with the federal government because the US Federal government is no different than the private sector.  They have no choice.  But Deloitte has what is called a “special relationship.” It is partly because they’re a go-to firm with a Big 4 imprimatur that actually has a fairly mature consulting practice, one that actually does systems integration projects. But it has more to do with the philosophical closeness Deloitte’s leadership have with the governing philosophy of the Bush administration.
And then there’s the political contributions.
Deloitte may be giving $50 million in pro-bono work to not-for-profits via volunteerism over the next three years but they are also #49 on the all time political donor list since 1990, with almost 70% of their donations going to Republican candidates.
Election Cycle 2008

Total $891,710

Dems $391,675

Republicans $500,035

% Dems 44%

% Republicans 56%

TOTAL 1990-2008

Total $13,346,376

Dems $4,286,528

Republicans $9,026,469

% Dems 32%

% Republicans 68%

I wonder if Barry Salzberg also got to sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom and eat s’mores with Dubya?

President Bush Recognizes Deloitte as Exemplary Corporate Citizen

Deloitte Honored for Outstanding Commitment to Skills-based Volunteerism

WASHINGTON, April 29 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — In a speech today to the nation’s foremost community service leaders gathered at the White House to celebrate National Volunteer Week, President George W. Bush recognized Deloitte for its leadership and commitment to workplace volunteering. Just prior to the speech in a private ceremony, the president personally awarded the President’s Volunteer Service Award to Barry Salzberg, chief executive officer of Deloitte LLP, in honor of the organization’s achievement in community involvement.

“I believe corporate America has got an enormous responsibility to give back to their community and, so too, those who are being honored today,” said President Bush. “Barry Salzberg understands that corporate giving is an essential part of being a good citizen in the United States of America. Under his leadership, Deloitte has committed to providing pro bono services worth up to $50 million for the nonprofit sector over the next three years.”…

“It’s an honor to receive this recognition,” said Barry Salzberg, chief executive officer, Deloitte LLP. “Deloitte is committed to making a difference in our communities and the greatest way we can do that is by using our skills and knowledge to help strengthen nonprofit organizations. This is really a testament to our people who are making a social impact all across the country.”

…As President Bush noted, Deloitte recently announced a $50 million pro bono program, designed to transform the way the organization supports charitable organizations and strengthens the nonprofit sector.

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