Canada and Overtime

Go here for an exhaustive summary of the overtime pay situation in Canada.  Krupo has even posted the links where you can file your claim. 

Hey Krupo, what about all those US staff being imported to Canada to do audit and SOx work for multinationals because the dollar is so weak?  Do they get overtime too under Canadian laws?  If only it was a joke…
There are several outstanding suits here in the US, too.  Many states have laws as strict and clear or more so than even Canada.  Like California…  And Wisconsin…
Looks like the firms have to rethink the leverage model and  titles like “technician.”  Some also require “exempt” professionals on the admin side to have chargeability goals and they often also work more than forty hours and charge that time to client assignments for client related work (Hey PwC!!!!).
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  1. Krupo
    Krupo says:

    Well, two points there – first, if they’re CPAs or CPA students then they don’t get overtime, just like how CA and CA students don’t get any either.

    Second, I think it has a lot to do with who your “home” employer is. If a non-accountant colleague from Ontario incurs overtime while in the USA, they still get paid by Canada, so Canada owes them O/T.

    I think the opposite is probably also true – if your “home” is, say, California, you’ll be paid by California rules even if you’re across the border.

    I’m about 50-75% confident I’ve got those facts down right – I’m not a lawyer so I won’t hazard a higher confidence % on that! 🙂

    The final factor, of course, is the nature of the job contract. Some rights can be specifically waived, some can’t at all depending on your jurisdiction.

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