Let’s Talk About Tax, Baaaaaaaa beeeeeeeee

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April 15th is tax filing day in the US and re: The Auditors is not immune from this scourge. 

Actually, I don’t know why I put it off.  
Who wouldn’t want to pay and pay? 
Hell,  I even plan to add $3 extra for the Presidential Election Campaign Fund.
And I love TurboTax!

TurboTax is a software program that allows you to prepare your own taxes, even more complicated ones like those with business expenses and revenues and rental income.  It walks you through step by step, smarter and smarter every year, coaching you to the best possible result.  Unless you have a very complicated or convoluted situation, I would recommend it either to do your own taxes or to double check those completed by a tax preparer.
In the process of preparing mine, I realized I need some additional info related to my time as an employee at PwC.  I called the HR Shared Services Center in Tampa, FL. 
(It’s in the US not India or Ireland yet. Yea!)  
I’m sending a big shout out to Janet at the PwC HR Shared Services Center.  She responded first thing this morning to a message I left in a general voice mailbox yesterday and called me back not once but twice today to make sure I got what I needed.
One of the few positive experiences I ever had with PwC.  
But a very positive one, indeed, thanks to Janet!  
So don’t say I never said anything nice about PwC.