Passing The Buck

More than 150,000 additional pages have been viewed since this was originally posted. 

I thought it was time to reprint this disclaimer, with a few updates, for my new readers.

In the wake of my former firm’s current disclaimer of responsibility for the lucrative and once prestigious (?!?!) engagement they’ve had with Yukos for the last ten years, my mind drifted towards a sea of legalese. I looked out on the horizon, a shining sea off the coast of Mexico (actually I was gazing out a window in suburban Chicago, onto a major highway under construction and thunderstorms rolling in from the west…) and drafted this: 

I am providing the content on this blog solely for my own writing pleasure and to entertain the emotionally stunted geeks who read everything I post as soon as it’s up in a fit of intellectual snobbery and search for snark. 

This blog contains my personal commentary on people, places, and things that interest me and me alone. 

As some have said… “I bet you’re a real fun date!” 

I rarely worry about what others think and live a risk-prone, overly optimistic existence of independent consulting, Blackberrying in the dark while driving on Damen Avenue, dodging pedestrians coming at me from all sides after leaving the Hannah Montana on Ice show at the United Center,  and hoping for a decent immigration bill before I die.

I am not a journalist and this is not a newspaper or even a tabloid newsmagazine. 

On the contrary.

In my dreams I’m a lawyer fighting for social justice and the right of anyone to cross the Rio Grande in an inner tube to earn $5 an hour replacing the Japanese guys at my neighborhood sushi place. 

The views on this blog are mine alone (because it’s all about me), and not the views of any of the various plain vanilla white guys that I have worked for over the years.  I expressly abdicate responsibility for any liability of any kind or nature with respect to any act or omission based wholly or in part in reliance on anything contained on this blog or in any audit reports I have ever written. 

Just like my heroes, the Big 4 partners. 

I am not licensed to render advice, personal or professional, except in the state of intoxication that results from too many Palomas made with Herradura Añejo.

All photo illustration is intended to confuse, confound and flabbergast you, while occasionally also encouraging a chuckle or a knowing smirk.

Comments are welcome, encouraged and most often, posted lickety-split.  Unless, of course, they make me feel sad.  Then they are deleted.  

Because it’s my blog.  

So there. 

Any links that appear on this blog are purely by virtue of my voracious reading habits, Google Alerts, and many sleepless nights waiting for Mr. Right, or even just Mr. Right Now. 

But I have no idea if they’re true or not. I count on the freedom and power of the press and those that peddle “All The News That’s Fit To Print.” 

Follow my lead, and any and all links, at your own risk.

7 replies
  1. daniel.montes
    daniel.montes says:

    Keep telling it like it is, Francine:) I love your blog and think it makes for a GREAT read and has insight I don’t get anywhere else…keep it up…

  2. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    A kick ass, blog-worthy disclaimer that should turn any self-respecting ranter green with envy. You’re my new ideal. Or is that idol? Maybe both.

  3. Bruce
    Bruce says:

    Cannot get my computer to send authentication to confirm my identity. Would still like to hear from your group what the maeaning of PwC’s “withdrawal” of the Yukos audits means. I assumeit is unprecedented. Is it permitted?

  4. Oversight for the Better
    Oversight for the Better says:

    Please don’t wait for Mr. Right or Mr. Just Right! Ya’ gotta take ’em as is – just like when you buy a used car.

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