Accountant, Heal Thyself!

Just goes to show you how self-serving and silo-ed  these firms and the partners who run them are.  Didn’t they get the memo?

BDO Consulting Forms Corporate Advisory Practice

BDO Consulting, a division of BDO Seidman, LLP, announced the formation of BDO Consulting Corporate Advisors. The practice will provide strategic and financial consulting services to companies in distress…

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  1. Steve Simon
    Steve Simon says:

    I would like to expres my appreciation for the writer of this blog (FM). I truly believe that the author of this blog will be the very successful author of a book that will gain “freakonomics” style nomenclature, as it pertains to accounting.

    At the very least the author will continue to be our fearless leader in the world of PA.

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