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Interesting new comment left late Sunday night on the PwC layoffs.  And I heard recently, from a journalist and a recruiter, that over a hundred more folks were let go from PwC in the San Francisco Bay area from the audit and SPA practice.  How can the profession be dealing with a shortage of qualified accountants and auditors, the firms be spending inordinate amounts of time and money on recruiting and retention and, yet, the firms are still laying professionals off?

This commenter has theory…Go here for more.
“…these things happen, but PwC in the US does seem to be particularly bad at handling people ‘issues’. For one thing, it is incredibly offensive to its employees who were ‘separated’ to suggest it was due to performance issues when most of the people I know who were let go were consistently rated as high performers. Secondly, to pretend that nothing is going on and to try to keep these layoffs quiet insults everybody else at PwC. Of course the news spread like wildfire and more panic resulted through lack of information…


The lead article calls out the worst companies of 2006 (?). For more information about this list, go here. KPMG makes the list. Funny how bad management is just bad management is just bad management

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  1. Independent Accountant
    Independent Accountant says:

    I know I sound like a broken record, but will the PCAOB investigate the PWC “press release”? If PWC lied about the reasons for the terminations, does that reflect on the integrity of PWC’s management? What will Mark Olson’s PCAOB do about this? Is this a PWC quality control issue?
    I got it. Beat up a few more insignificant CPA firms to show the PCAOB does something.

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