KPMG "Hero" In Credit Suisse Mess?

Do tell.

Can this be true?

Credit Suisse sent a new and unwelcome shiver through financial markets after suspending a “small number” of traders suspected of inflating the value of asset-backed investments by $2.85bn (£1.5bn)…Credit Suisse’s announcement was triggered by disclosure requirements relating to the listing of a $2bn bond. According to Mr Wheeler, the auditor, KPMG, discovered the mismarkings and errors during an audit for the bond issue and subsequently refused to sign off on the review. The bank declined to comment.

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  1. NYC Staffer
    NYC Staffer says:

    wow, nice to see some positive big 4 response for once… surprising too, seeing as CS is one of the crown jewels for the KPMG ny office…

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