PwC Goofs Up MLK Day

I was turned on to this via this site.

And the firms, especially “PwCee me keep screwing up”, just keep on giving…

…Many US companies have decided to give employees the “day off” in commemoration of Dr. King’s birthday. But as you read the quote above, you realize that Dr. King believed that the efforts around basic human rights could never take a holiday. As a result, we consider Dr. King’s birthday as a “day on;” a day to take action; a day to recognize that progress is not automatic.
Throughout many of our offices this Monday, we will be hosting talented high school students from our local markets. The intent of these gatherings is to introduce these students to the vast array of career opportunities that are available to them, not just in our profession, but in the business world in general. In keeping with Dr. King’s passion for equal opportunity, I believe this is a fitting tribute to his work….

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    They said the same BS last year when I worked for PwC…they just see it as another day to bill clients up the butt for services they don’t need. My office hosted NO high school kids at all.

    If they really wanted to hour Dr King, they would make it a community service day and give back to the community in a positive way. Instead, they are distorting reality and using it as a brainwash day to say “PwC is great! Work for us when you leave college”

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