Deloitte and d’street

Hey Deloitters,

Any comments on this attempt for “the man” to co-opt your free speech?

Take Deloitte & Touche – they understood that some of their employees were “blogging” about their unhappiness in working with the company on social websites. Leaving comments like that out there and unmanaged, would of cost them business and their reputation. Nobody lost jobs from what they posted on their personal blog or social site. Instead, Deloitte & Touche opened d’street (a social network for employees and where employees can blog and share their concerns, comments and suggestions).

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  1. nyc staffer
    nyc staffer says:

    i did always wonder if there were repurcussions for posting on blogs re: the big 4. it is naturally instilled in every new-hire that “big brother” is watching you, although personally I’ve never heard of it happening. i guess you always gotta look out for the man though.

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I will say this about “d’street”; it does do something to humanize the US and international management teams since most of them post stuff. Quigley (the new CEO of DTT) used to make a post about two or three times a month, and it was at least nice to see that he, too, had to fly commercial airlines, and hop timezones and be jet lagged.

    As for it controlling current employees ventings: no so much. Just look to facebook. The largest group in the Deloitte network is called “Deloitte is my reason for drinking”.

  3. Maria Elena Duron
    Maria Elena Duron says:

    Hi, thanks for linking to my blog. I’m also interested in hearing the comments, after thoughts, pluses and minuses.

    I don’t know that you can ‘control’ where and what’s being said yet I do know that providing another viable avenue to communicate might give staffer the opportunity to ditch other venting forums.

    Maria Elena Duron

  4. Krupo
    Krupo says:

    @nyc staffer: depends on your office, as with any scenario concerning the big 4. Reactions run the spectrum from bad-ignored-encouraged.


  5. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    What company wouldn’t prefer complaints to stay in internal channels? At the same time, I don’t see any effort to crack down on the right to complain anonymously outside.

    If Deloitte really wanted to do away with GreenDotLife they could simply block the site emails. After all, registration requires confirmation sent to a work address.

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