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I love getting email from readers. Whether they’re telling me secrets, asking for advice, or just giving encouragement, it makes my day.

This weekend was an interesting one, with email from the KPMG Canada Senior and two other emails from readers who are writers in their own right.

Edith Orenstein writes the blog over at Financial Executives International. Edith has a broad and deep background, including having worked for Lynn Turner. She was kind enough to link to my lament over the GAO Report and Stoneridge decision. This is a go-to blog for financial professionals.

Tom Selling has had a long and varied career, but he’s certainly passionate about financial reporting. I hesitate to get too deep into technical topics. They’re neither my interest nor my aptitude. But it’s a pleasure to keep meeting more and more professionals who both enjoy the technical aspects of accounting and have the experience to back up their opinions. If you want a good source for all the FASBs, ASs, APBs, and a dose of reality with your numbers, please take a look at The Accounting Onion.

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    Yeah The Accounting Onion is very technical. I often think I’ll need more time to digest his posts than other blogs, so I have a bit of an backlog for his feed. Great to have someone that adept at the issues explaining them.

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