re: The Auditors At Harvard Law

No, I haven’t decided to give up the glamour of blogging to go to Harvard Law. And, no, they haven’t asked me to speak. Yet…

However, a lovely surprise greeted me when I checked my stats this morning. I’ve been linked to by the Corporate Governance Blog at Harvard Law School.

Of all things, they chose to link to my post on Roy Katzovicz while mentioning his recent participation in a panel discussion at the school on hedge fund activism. I would have loved to be there… I’ll have to be satisfied with looking at the video, available on the blog.

This blog has been an underutilized resource by yours truly. It’s now on my daily read list and on my blogroll.

The Harvard Law School Corporate Governance Blog is sponsored by the Harvard Law School Program on Corporate Governance. The Program seeks to facilitate research and public discourse about corporate governance.

The weblog provides updates on working papers, seminars, speakers, and other activities sponsored by the Program. The blog will also provide a forum for communications about corporate governance by individuals associated with the Program–faculty, fellows, and members of the Program’s advisory board–as well as by guest contributors and others.

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