Beware The Man Behind The Curtain

Google Alerts has been buzzing me the last couple of weeks with the same post for a multitude of firms on a new blog, Accounting Employment Blog. Just substitute any firm, Big 4, next tier, regional, local, etc. for the XXX and you’ll find a place on this blog where you can contribute to a “discussion”.

“What is it like to work at XXX Firm? Culture? Salary? Management Style? Development Opportunities? Click on “comments” below this post to comment on your experience and to read about the experiences of others. Please do not include peoples’ names (including yours) in your comment, but please do include your job title and (if possible) your location. Comments are restricted to positive remarks only. Our theory is that the employers with the most positive comments will get the best employees. Negative comments only lead to problems for the poster and lawsuits for this blog.”

From the About this Blog section:

“This blog is an interactive job site for employers and job seekers. Employers post jobs here for free, job seekers search for jobs and ask questions or make comments on job postings, employers respond to job seekers’ comments and questions. With their employer’s permission, current and former employees may post comments about their positive work experiences at an organization.
All comments are moderated to ensure the protection of employers’ reputations; to prevent spammers; and to ensure the integrity of the job blogging process.”

Exactly how useful is this given the lock down the firms already have on the recruiting process? If you work at a firm, beware of posting here. If you’ve been approved to post on this site, it begs the question of how useful your information will be to anyone making a decision between firms.

Anyone know who is behind this? Is it the Club?

If you want a happy, happy, all positive, official version of life in paradise, you might as well read Cordie’s blog.

Better to look on Vault or Green Dot Life or here, if you want to hear what others are saying about the firms.

Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore…

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Post positive comments only, with the permission of your current or former employer? Are they kidding, how useless can this blog get? Since I have nothing positive to say about my experience in public accounting, guess I will limit my comments to vault and other arenas…

  2. says:

    I’d never seen that “Cordie’s Blog” before – thanks for drawing my attention to it.

  3. Krupo
    Krupo says:

    Bwa-ha-ha, that site is hilarious. I’ll be investigating it shortly. … done.

    Oh, before hitting “post” I remembered your question regarding the identity of the host. Got information for you in spades.

    I even have his home address handy but I didn’t feel like posting that.

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