More PwC Layoffs

Just had an interesting comment on the McKinsey-assisted PwC reorganization which has prompted their most recent unpublicized (except for here!) layoffs. Take a look here.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    The PwC layoffs are not really layoffs. It’s a reallocation of resources and a way to make the operations run more smoothly. The administrative function has been streamlined by asking people to move or taking different positions. If they are not willing to move or take a different position, they are offered a severance package. For the client service people, the low performer, and believe me, they have to be LOW performers (basically deadweight) will be let go. The average person is not being let go. It’s not force ranking people so that a certain percentage have to be let go. I think to sensationalize this is unfair and irresponsible. The practice still needs people. Because of the level of work in the last few years, the firm has not been focussing on running a more efficient ship.

    As a former Big 4 person, I find this site to be interesting but it seems to revel in the misfortune of the firms and that’s just sad.

    It makes me wonder, do you have something agains the firms. Why such a chip on your shoulder? Were you just not cut out for the profession?

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Actually, the other ‘Anonymous’ is wrong about the low performers being let go. I have seen some of the Firm’s top performers given the heave-ho during this re-organization.
    There has been a claim that the primary focus is not cost-cutting, however when a top performer and winner of PwC’s Chairman’s Award is not matched… there’s just someting wrong.
    From the get-go, this re-organization has shown PwC Employees that their leadership does not have an ounce of integrity. Where we have trusted them in the past, that trust is pretty much completely gone.

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    The first “anonymous” is way off base – must be someone who bought the company line verbatim. Today, another wave of layoffs happened, and some top performers were let go because the consultants from hell took their 30 thousand foot view and made it law. Did anyone ever really beleive it was not about cost cutting?

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    The person who posted the original comment is an absolute idiot. As a former Director in the PwC advisory practice, I can tell you that the practice is not run the way a successful consulting firm should be. The practice has a very pervasive audit/cpa mentality, primarily because most of the partners are former auditors….very old school, not willing/unable to think out of the box. Frankly, there are some people in lofty positions at PwC that should not be there….the culture is seriously flawed.

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