You Talkin’ To Me?

Some recent searches that brought readers to this blog…

bdo seidman executive suicide (Someone at Weil Gotshal, the law firm)

although my breathing ceases (Pointed them to the haiku included in my post about PwC’s Japan affiliate folding like a lotus flower…)

deloitte layoffs new york 2007 (We know they laid off in Chicago, I guess they let people go in NY too.)

auditor c.v. starr (Lots of info on their demand for AIG to lose PwC, but no info on who their auditor is…)

deloitte layoffs nyc 2007 (Again, but this time it’s a proprietary trading firm in Chicago that’s asking…)

mass career customization (Anyone still care about this?)

cyberonics and bearingpoint (Someone from Milbank Tweed looking for this. I feel really clever having written about this. Woo hoo.)

problems uk germany audit merger kpmg (Old news, but the KPMG guys in the UK are nervous.)

nina totenberg wait don’t tell me patrick fitzgerald (Someone at Dorsey and Whitney in Minneapolis is a PJ Fitzgerald fan, or maybe a Nina Totenberg fan, or maybe an NPR fan…)

audit standard 5 work of others (Still the Number 1 search item. Some poor schmuck at Deloitte is looking for me to tell him what to do. After the SEC, I’m your next best friend.)

mou among homeland security and irs (Didn’t know what MOU stood for until now. I learn something new every day in the blogging business.)

big 4 layoffs (I’m number 2 and 3 here…)

cyberonics v. wells fargo (Alliance Capital Management wants to know. Maybe you guys at Milbank Tweed can give them a call…)

suicide by a bdo executive (Someone from the US State Department wants to know, too.)

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    Where do you get this data? I use but I think you can get the same stuff from Google Analytics, which I also use…

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