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Please stay with me during this commercial break. You’ll hear some other voices besides mine…

“I got a job right out of school with Deloitte & Touche thinking that financial services was something new and exciting. Well I lasted one year there because it wasn’t. I am currently working with PWC and have been here for a year in their Systems and Process Assurance Group which basically assists core assurance with auditing the technology side of the clients. Basically it is IT Audit.

So here I am 2 years removed from school and still have not found what I want to do as I currently want to leave this employer also. I find the work boring and I am not motivated at all.


“I started with the firm…after graduating… I just completed the CPA exam.

I will spare you the details of my PwC story…by what you’ve written on your website, you already know it. I am amazed at how dysfunctional the firm is. They are making everyone take mandatory training on various frameworks borrowed from other real management consulting firms:

– The “Engagement Management Process” – Bain’s answer to project management since the good project managers, which you probably were, left the firm.

– “Pursuit Management” – how to identify business opporutnities the partners can profit off of since they are now expected to be out among their existing clients more (what a novel idea in a client service firm…Jerry McGuire?).

– “Talent Management” – This one has a McKinsey flavor…put your resumes up so the partners can carve out the most chargeable resources to throw on fat clients. Fat clients=companies that obviously have poor monitoring controls since they allow the partnership to suck them dry with no tangible benefit to the business or its shareholders…In the meantime, keep up the good work. I cannot wait for the day the firms are forced to open their own books to the public. It’s only a matter of time.”


“I can totally relate to the situation described in your post ”When is a Layoff Not a Layoff?”. Reason? I was recently ‘laid off’ by Deloitte...I have only been with the firm for less than 1 year (I was a first year associate in the audit practice).

I still can’t accept the fact that I would have to leave the firm like this. Am I such a lousy employee? That’s what I’ve been asking myself. Funny thing is, when asked why we got laid off, we were told that our performance don’t meet the firm’s standard (we’ve been meeting expectations though and we got applause awards too!!!!). When we asked
for more specifics, they blame it on the peer review committee!!!!

Worse thing is, I’m on a work visa (just like many of those who got laid off). If I don’t get an offer soon, I have to leave the country. All my dreams are shattered. I don’t know what to do now.”

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  1. daniel.montes
    daniel.montes says:

    WOW…I LOVE the fact that younger folk read this blog!!! Francine, keep on blogging and speaking the truth!!!

  2. neilmcintyre.ca
    neilmcintyre.ca says:

    The last quote in this post sounds like he was “force ranked” like you were blogging about a little while back, eh?

  3. Francine McKenna
    Francine McKenna says:

    Yes, Neil, Deloitte and PwC, that I know of, use forced ranking, a travesty created by GE.

    The bigger crime in the third case is that the person is on an H1B visa and so were others who were cut. Deloitte hired them with the promise of sponsoring them and following through on this process and then when it got to actually doing it, they cut bait. Was it too expensive, too much trouble, or were they never planning on following through and only using these people for a year or so as cheap staff augmentation? The H1Bs are easily exploited this way…Always have been. It’s a form of indentured servitude in my book.

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