Fitzgerald Says, " Thanks (For The) Scooter."

Actual foto courtesy of The Chicago Librarian.

He was cool as a cucumber and a very good sport. I didn’t realize what a coup it was for the guys from a Chicago based NPR quiz show to have gotten an interview with Patrick Fitzgerald.

They gave him a parting gift, a scooter. It came with the engraving, “This one will stay where you put it.”

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  1. Christopher Gwyn
    Christopher Gwyn says:

    Marvelous! I will definitely be listening when ‘Wait Wait…’ airs this weekend.

  2. Hank Davis
    Hank Davis says:

    On Saturday, July 21st, this episode of “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” aired. Fitzgerald appeared in the “Not My Job” segment, and got just one of the three questions right (all of them on “scooters”). As broadcast, the segment with Fitzgerald included a funny call-in comment from Nina Totenberg, and much audience laughter when he was asked what he thinks of “commuting,” but it did NOT include the presentation of the engraved scooter to a boisterous ovation, as broadcast in Totenberg’s story about the show on Friday’s “All Things Considered.”

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