Chasing Youth – E&Y Drank Too Much From the Fountain

Some of you think I make this stuff up. It must have been a margarita fountain someone was drinking from when they decided to send this guy to this event…

Boulder Schools To Discuss Lecture About Sex

“The Boulder Valley School Board said they will take a closer look at a talk about sex and drugs in April that stirred up a firestorm. The lecture at the school has gained national attention and has some state lawmakers calling for action…
The initial discussion took place at Boulder High School on April 10. A psychology professor from the University of California Los Angeles and a representative from Ernst and Young International Accounting Firm talked about sex, teens and drugs. Andee Gerhardt with Ernst and Young said similar views to the audience.

“Find some balance with having the fun and experimenting and enjoying what you’re doing,” Gerhardt said. “Whether it’s learning, or sexually, or with drugs and alcohol and hanging out with your friends, but keep focused because it is your life.””

I’ve seen some other stories about the pursuit of youth by E&Y. We all know it’s because the young are cheaper (but not cheap…) and, of course, easier to manage and mold than an experienced hire.

But before they start spending too much time trying to make highschoolers and college freshmen believe accounting is cool and sexy, maybe they should give them a refresher on how not to make news the wrong way.

From JobsInTheMoneyErnst & Young is reaching into high school classes to change perceptions of accountants: The firm’s working with the University of Arizona’s Eller College of Management on program for minority students in Arizona high schools to increase awareness of the field’s realities.

And National Public Radio had a story recently about how E&Y is using social networking site Facebook to also try to connect. Wonder if more pictures of partners will be posted?

Morning Edition, May 30, 2007 · “Generation Me.” That’s one term for a generation obsessed with affirmation, iPods and Blackberrys. Companies are doing whatever they can to pull them in. The consulting firm Ernst and Young hopes to hire more than 3,000 entry-level associates this year. So it set up a recruiting page on the social networking site Facebook, featuring video testimonials and blogs. More than 6,000 “friends” are signed up on the site. But the company warns its members to be careful to only post comments if its something they would say at work.

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  1. Krupo
    Krupo says:

    The wording you quoted is a bit misleading. First off, it’s not a direct order as NPR phrases it, but rather guidance – here’s a direct quote from their little FAQ:

    “What is not allowed in the Facebook group?

    As always, discretion is a good rule of thumb. If it’s something you wouldn’t say at work, or a picture you wouldn’t show at work, then it’s probably not a good idea to put it on the group page.”

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