The Scots, As Usual, Are a Little Too Chatty

Before you complain, know that I am half Scottish. (My father was born in Glasgow.) The other half is Sicilian, so I tell long stories, with lots of gesticulating. Right now I’m waving my non-BlackBerry hand at you and making a funny gesture…

The Curse of Macho Management

According to The Scotsman newspaper, the glass ceiling is still intact, due mostly to a macho ethos in professional firms in accounting. Professor Elizabeth Gammie unveiled her statistical research, which began in 2003, and paints a gloomy picture of the reality in major accounting businesses. In response, says the article, “[Frank] Blin, Scottish leader of the UK’s largest firm [PricewaterhouseCoopers] with a fee income of about £1.8 billion, said there is an acceptance of a macho culture and long working hours, but there was also an urgent business imperative for change.”