Compliance Week 2007, Washington DC

I’ve arrived in the US capitol and it’s a beautiful, warm, sunny day. My pencils are sharpened and other preparations are being made. All that’s left is to decide which of the fantastic restaurants to dine in this evening.
Live blogging will begin early, with fotos if permitted. Am I more of a geek than I admit that I’m excited about three days inside a hotel ballroom with a bunch of accountants, lawyers and govenment regulators? Any readers or correspondents also here, please drop me a line or drop by the bar tomorrow night after the program!
Re: The Auditors will be taking her sharp eyes, pen and stilettos to Washington DC June 6-8 to live blog the Compliance Week 2007 Conference.

Come hear the SEC’s John White and the PCAOB’s Mark Olson address the changes planned for SOx implementations at the historic Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC. Insights and best practices are promised from regulators, standard-setters, federal judges, DoJ officials, GRC officers, institutional investors, governance experts, and Compliance Week columnists including former SEC chairman Harvey Pitt.

The editor and publisher of Compliance Week, Scott Cohen, has graciously allowed this member of the “blogia” (his words) to attend and see all of her idols in person. I’ll be working on setting up one-on-one interviews with the brightest luminaries. Meet me at the bar starting Wednesday night. I drink tequila, very fine tequila

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