I’m Intelligent and I’m Emotional

Does that count? And I’m a people person… And people who need people are the luckiest people in the world!

This article first appeared in Media & Entertainment Insights, a bi-monthly industry newsletter produced by PricewaterhouseCoopers in conjunction with law firm Lord, Bissell & Brook and executive placement specialists Korn/Ferry International. It’s intended to provide profound thought leadership and exposure to new and innovative ideas, ones we’ve never heard a million times before.

…In preparing this article, I spoke with several colleagues to obtain different perspectives on this subject, with particular reference to unique leadership challenges in entertainment and media. My colleagues, Tom Cairns, SVP Human Resources NBC West Coast, and Bill Simon, of Korn/Ferry, independently identified similar key issues.

In our discussions of leadership characteristics, there was good agreement about what is critical. First, there was an underlying assumption that the individual has to have a good understanding of the business and to have “business savvy.” Beyond this, however, Tom and Bill both felt that some of the most important leadership characteristics were strong “people skills,” i.e., ability to build relationships internally and externally, and agility in managing constant change. Both also agreed on the importance of someone who could create and articulate a vision, but strongly linked this skill to the ability to motivate people toward that vision.

Their emphasis on “people skills” as a critical leadership competency is not surprising. Research into the art and science of effective leadership has consistently identified “people skills” as the critical variable underlying not only successful leaders but organizations that are successful long term…”

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