Your Opinion Matters

A valued confidant, Chuck Eldridge, Korn/Ferry International’s Practice Leader for Financial Officers, and his colleagues are sponsoring a survey of public accounting firm professionals.

The study focuses on the state of careers in the public accounting field. If you’d like to respond to the survey, it should take no more than five minutes of your time, and your individual responses will be kept completely confidential — even from Korn/Ferry. All responses are strictly voluntary and will not be used in any manner by Korn/Ferry (or Re: The Auditors…) for recruitment or other purposes.

Here’s the link for the survey.

Results posted here in a couple of weeks.
My responses (from the perspective of my previous role at PwC) below in bold.

What is the biggest issue facing your firm today?
Recruiting staff ?
Retaining staff ?
Litigation ?
Government oversight ?
Adequate leadership ?
Quality control ?
Other (please specify) ?

In the next two to three years, do you believe litigation against accounting firms will likely:
Increase ?
Decrease ?
Stay the same ?
Don’t know ?

Do you believe the pace of turnover over the next 12 months in public accounting will:
Increase ?
Decrease ?
Stay the same ?
Don’t know ?

Are you happy with your selection of accounting/auditing as a career?
Extremely happy ?
Somewhat happy ?
Neither happy nor unhappy ?
Somewhat unhappy ?
Extremely unhappy ?

What, if anything, bothers you most about your position/your career today?
Bored ?
Lack of work life balance ?
Frustrated ?
Compensation ?
Void in leadership ?
Nothing ?
Other (please specify) ?

Has this past year encouraged you to:
Stay in the profession with your current firm ?
Stay in the profession but look to switch firms ?
Leave the profession and go into industry accounting/auditing ?
Leave the profession and look for an entirely new career direction ?

Please indicate the level that closest matches your current position:
Senior Manager
Director/Principal Partner
Other (please specify)

What is your firm affiliation?
Big Four
Top 20 firm (except Big Four)
Other (please specify)