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Just to follow-up on my earlier mention of the Rockville Center Diocese Financial Council and its illustrious members, Lewis Ranieri and Ken Langone

Now we know why the members of the council were so concerned about the level of reserves. The Diocese is “largely” self insured. Did these Council members know about the allegations in 2004 and their potential for liability to the Diocese?

“To the parishioners of the Diocese of Rockville Centre: March 26, 2004…Protected Self Insurance Program (PSIP)
The 2002 Protected Self-Insurance Program has a total fund of $56.8 million, $10.9 million in the Uninsured Perils Fund and $45.9 million in the Unrestricted Fund. The total expenses were $15.9 million. The Diocese is largely self-insured for property coverage, workers’ compensation, general liability, and automobile liability…”

Jury Selection Begins in Rockville Centre Diocese CasePosted: Monday, 04 December 2006 8:04AM
MINEOLA, Long Island — Jury selection is due to begin Monday in a $150 million lawsuit against the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rockville Centre. Two people are suing — claiming they were sexually abused by a youth minister at Saint Raphael Roman Catholic Church in East Meadow for three years.

Priest pleads guilty in child porn case
BY JOHN MORENO GONZALES Newsday Staff WriterNovember 30, 2006, 8:53 PM EST
A Catholic priest based in Roosevelt pleaded guilty Thursday to possession of child pornography and acknowledged grappling with sexually compulsive behavior years before his arrest…Sean Dolan, a spokesman for the Diocese of Rockville Centre, said “nothing indicated Father Saloy had any such compulsion” before his arrest….