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I want to thank you for reading this blog. The magic of the Internet and the power of search engines, in particular Google, means that people are finding this blog due to its timely and provocative topic. My purpose in writing it is two-fold:

1) I’m on my second round of building my own consulting firm, after having a professionally successful, but less than financially successful, first round. I’ve learned from some of my mistakes and am working under a a new paradigm. Writing the blog helps me stay up to date on relevant topics in the professional services world. It’s difficult when you’re not in a big firm to access and digest all the information necessary to be a true knowledge professional, to have a relevant and educated opinion on things, unless you put some structure and discipline around it. This writing project is my structure and my discipline. It can also hopefully provide me with a wider community of colleagues.

2)After more than twenty years in professional services firms, both accounting firms and consulting firms, I have become a student of the model. I have managed the business of the professional services business and have seen it from the inside out. I believe it is a very interesting business model and one that serves a very important purpose in the growth and success of other businesses (especially in under-served regions like Mexico and Latin America,) but leadership of these organizations is subject to the same stress and hubris that their clients suffer from.

My purpose in getting this material out is to organize my own materials, my writing, my thoughts and my experiences in one place, with a current issues emphasis. I would like to write the book about the business of professional services, in light of recent trends and regulatory changes affecting the sector, in particular with regard to the Big 4 public accounting firms.

Thanks again to the readers who have found this site. Soon it will be identified with a name and a face. Feedback is always helpful and will be much appreciated. So, in the meantime, post a comment or drop me a confidential email at retheauditors@gmail.com.

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